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Love Art Park is an outdoor sculpture park, located in A.Banglamung, Chonburi, Pattaya. Love Art Park covers 49,000m2 with hundreds of body sculptures and installation with its beautiful landscape. Sculptures designed and made by professional artists reflect the beauty and sentiment of human body with eroticism, humor and wit; which allows the visitors to interact with them. All the sculptures are made in collaboration with professional Korean sculptors for two years; those achieve high quality in completeness, size and detail. Throughout the park are beautiful landscapes, clear views, ponds and fountains that will provide refreshment and sense of freedom. Our goal is to find new artists and create a world class art park by installing around 50 additional sculptures. A few of the facilities are under construction, such as the art gallery, concert hall, cafeteria, and the art shop.

Other attractions as in the live café, restaurant, childcare center, video arcade, conference room of convention centre will help your leisure life as well.

Seo Song' Profile

seo song loveartpark

Name:  Song Seo
Date of birth:  April 26, 1965
Place of birth Pusan, Korea